Dental cleaning or Tartrectomy

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Dental cleaning

Tartrectomy or also called dental cleaning is one of the usual and simple treatments that are performed daily in our clinic. This technique is used to remove tartar; a substance (bacterial plaque) that has been calcified due to the deposit of minerals from saliva on top of the plaque that is attached to the tooth and, with the common brushing technique, cannot be removed. The accumulation of tartar is the cause of various diseases such as cavities, gingivitis or periodontal disease.

It can be divided into two types:

  • SUPRAGINGIVAL: This is simpler and involves the removal of tartar or plaque located around the teeth, interproximal spaces and above the gum. It is done with ultrasound; a fine tip that vibrates and irrigates the teeth with water.
  • SUBGINGIVAL (periodontal disease): local anesthesia is needed so that the patient does not have any kind of discomfort because there is usually bleeding and tooth sensitivity, is usually performed in 2 sessions. It is done manually with specific instruments for each tooth. Once the treatment is finished, the patient feels improvement in a short time.

Once the cleaning is finished, a brush or rubber cup with a special paste is usually used to polish the entire surface of the tooth to avoid the easy re-creation of dental plaque and subsequent tartar.

We usually perform this technique on each of our patients once a year in a systematic way, together with a complete check-up, or every 6 months in specific cases or with associated pathologies.

This treatment allows us to sanitize the oral cavity for better hygiene and allows us to rule out problems where tartar is adhered.

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