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The perfect smile

One of the most characteristic features of a face and of our own personality is the smile. A perfect smile will depend, to a certain degree, on the shape of the mouth, the movement of the lips when smiling, the state of our gums and, above all, the position and alignment of the teeth.

From Odontology department of Clínica Gran Alacant we can help you to achieve more beautiful and harmonious teeth, thanks to the dental alignment treatment with Sure Smile.

Perfect Smile - SureSmile

SureSmile invisible braces

Dental alignment is essential for a perfect smile

From our own experience, at Clínica Gran Alacant we recommend invisible orthodontics with SureSmile. Sure Smile Aligner is a kind of aesthetic orthodontics that will allow us to gradually align our teeth, without being perceived that we are wearing oral orthodontics.

The incredible thing about this treatment is its subtlety and persuasiveness. Visually, it is barely noticeable, so it does not have an impact, nor does it make a big change to our appearance or way of life. Its main feature is the comfort for the patient.

Our team of dentists will study each case and your oral condition. Depending on the complexity of the teeth, the shape of the mouth or the age of the patient, Sure Smile or other treatments, such as the classic braces, will be recommended.

After the initial consultation, the phases of the personalised treatment will be established. After an oral scan, the appointments will be spaced out over a certain number of days, where successive changes of splints and check-ups will be carried out, until the end of the treatment and our aesthetic expectations are achieved.

Sure Smile price

Reasons to use Sure Smile Aligner

If you’re still hesitating, here are a few more reasons to use Sure Smile Aligner:

  • Tested and authorised clinical use. Perhaps the main reason. Currently there are several treatments applied by specialists, but few have been clinically approved, due to their low efficiency. The Sure Smile treatment is consolidated, as there are more than 15 years of study behind it, and dental specialists have authorised its application after many cases, thanks to its efficacy.
  • Convenience. Both for the patient and for the dental team at the time of follow-up, it is easier to implement this technology.
  • Satisfaction. It satisfies the personal needs of each patient much better. Sure Smile Aligner guarantees that even the smallest alignment errors will be detected and corrected, all also depending on the implementation time.
  • Personalised study. Every patient has different oral conditions, so assessing and mapping out a plan of action for the correction of imperfections is vital. This is done from the first consultation, with a subsequent routine follow-up and each person will have a time frame for this process.
  • Invisible orthodontics. This is not just a saying, it is imperceptible at first sight. Where before we had certain terrible complexes about the use of braces, now we have, thanks to Sure Smile technology, plastic mouth aligners that no one will notice.
  • Quality. At Clínica Gran Alacant we only offer you quality, because we want you to get the best results. If you are looking for a perfect smile, the best thing to do is to use the SureSmile treatment.

Sure Smile Aligner

Sure Smile price and warranty

Sure Smile Aligner is a product with a proven 2-year guarantee. And we, as the main clinic in Gran Alacant, attached to its environment and its patients, offer you the closest possible medical service. We put ourselves in your shoes, to understand your needs.

At Clínica Gran Alacant we make it easy for you: your best smile, at the best price. Get Sure Smile Aligner at a very economic price, together with the first free dental consultation, with a personalised oral study. And what’s more, until 31 October 2022, we include a home dental whitening. All for a price of less than 3.000 €.

For any questions or doubts, call us on 966 695 374 or write to Thank you for your trust!

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