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Body aesthetic medicine seeks the physical improvement of different areas of the body, through little or no invasive body treatments. It is performed on an outpatient basis and allows the patient to quickly return to their routine.

From Salvum Clinic Centro MédicoSALVUM CLINIC we offer different aesthetic mesotherapy treatments, using proven products such as Alydia or Cellutrix, and also carboxytherapy, with the application of carbon dioxide.

Body Mesotherapy. Alydia and Cellutrix

Mesotherapy is an aesthetic medical treatment that consists of introducing under the skin surface, the dermis, certain drugs and substances of recognized efficacy that aims to end cellulite, eliminate localized fat, fluid retention skin irregularities etc.

In addition, this technique refers to the infiltration of vitamins to achieve greater firmness and elasticity in certain areas.

Mesoterapia Corporal


Cellutrix treatment is a mesotherapeutic product that incorporates amino acids and hyaluronic acid in its formulation with the aim of achieving a draining and lipolitical effect. It also reduces and prevents sagging by providing firmness and elasticity to the skin, prevents the devitalization of the skin and tissues and eliminates cellulite, activates microcirculation, regenerates and revitalizes the skin.

Body mesotherapy can be performed on the abdomen legs buttocks arms. It is recommended between 1 to 2 sessions per week, the number of sessions may vary but they are between 10 12 sessions to obtain optimal results.


It is the first injectable medical device of aesthetic medicine indicated especially for the prevention and treatment of cellulite.

It works by regenerating adipose tissue which allows the skin to recover its natural appearance in a fast and safe way. It is indicated for patients with edematous cellulite. More moderate results are also obtained in patients with fibrotic and sclerotic cellulite.

A correct diagnosis will be necessary to estimate the efficacy of the treatment. It is applied by a simple mesotherapy technique and does not require any type of anesthetic, it is a practically painless treatment. It is recommended between 7 to 12 sessions, one per week, to obtain a satisfactory result.

Carboxiterapia Gran Alacant


By applying carbon dioxide in the subcutaneous tissues and can be applied in isolation or combined with mesotherapy our body has an improvement in the bloodstream. As a consequence we produce a reduction of the accumulated fat therefore an improvement of cellulite, as well as the marks of stretch marks and scars.


The main aesthetic benefit of carboxytherapy can be said to be a greater firmness in the tissues and our skin will seem smoother and rejuvenated.


The technique is very simple. It is carried out through a specially designed equipment that allows to control the speed of the flow, the injection time and the monitoring of the administered dose.


A carboxytherapy session usually lasts approximately 30 min and the number of sessions is variable. But a number of 5 sessions are considered for optimal results.


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