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Minor surgery is a set of surgical techniques with a short time to implement. It is usually a kind of aesthetic medicine applied to the skin itself. It is only accompanied by local anesthesia and its realization does not pose hardly any risk or complications.

Young by Salvum offers you minor surgery services in Gran Alacant. Minor surgical interventions, such as…

lógulo rasgado

Complete and incomplete torn lobe

Sometimes, by the use of very heavy earrings and small pulls, the lobe is stretched lengthening or tearing completely. This may prevent you from carrying the desired add-ons.

The torn lobe has an easy solution, by means of a small intervention. The correction does not hurt in the slightest, because local anesthesia is used. After 3 to 4 weeks you can make a new hole again and you will show off your best accessories again.

Lipoma / Sabaceous cyst

Generally the lipoma, due to its situation, can be an inconvenience in our day to day or it can be unsightly due to its location.

Through the assessment of our medical team, we will proceed to the extraction of the same, through an incision in the skin to extract it. Their reappearance is rare. According to its size, it could be analyzed.

Lipoma o quiste sabáceo
Cirugía menor

Single lesion removal

For the rest of the dermal lesions that are not in any of the previous classifications. After a study by the doctors, they can be removed under local anesthesia. In the most aesthetic way possible.

Cryotherapy ablation

Cryotherapy is a procedure in which liquid nitrogen or argon gas is used. This produces an extreme cold with a freezing of unwanted tissues to be able to eliminate them.

It is a minimally invasive treatment. The patient returns to his routine with total normality.

Tratamiento crioterapia


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