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Nutritionist Gran Alacant

Jennifer Zarco Alonso

Are you looking for a nutritionist in Gran Alacant or Santa Pola?

Adequate nutrition that brings us closer to our health goals must always be based on science and on validated, proven and reliable methods, adapted to the needs and possibilities of each patient.

Miracle diets, hoaxes and restrictions unrelated to protocols and scientific methods take us away from our balance. Our goal is to improve the way food is done in order to improve quality of life.

From Salvum Clinic we offer our patients the Nutrition and Dietetics consultation in Gran Alacant, led by Jennifer Zarco Alonso, Nutritionist, with experience in nutrition and chronic diseases, as well as sports nutrition.

The services we offer are.

  • Weight loss in a healthy way, without rushing.
  • Menu planning for educational centers and nursing homes.
  • Nutrition and chronic diseases.
  • Diets adjusted to intolerances and diseases of the digestive system.
  • Nutrition and sports practice.
  • Child nutrition and feeding.
  • Specific diets: vegans, vegetarians and others.
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