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Escaner intraoral

What is a dental 3D scanner?

The dental 3D scanner is a non-invasive digital system where we introduce the patient’s data and prosthetic precision to obtain a complete image of the anatomical structures of the oral cavity.

This device creates in 3D the oral cavity of the patient to be able to work on it. In Clínica Gran Alacant we have the DENTPLAY SIRONA dental 3D scanner, which helps us to obtain an accurate and optimal diagnosis for excellent results.

In this way we will design your best smile.


What is the dental 3D scanner for?

The dental scanner is totally advantageous for all types of dental treatments, being almost indispensable for all the benefits it provides in the following procedures:

  • Orthodontics: Due to its precision, it is practically essential for orthodontic treatments such as smile studies, braces or invisible orthodontics, since due to its great precision we can manufacture perfect aligners so that you can have a perfect smile.
  • Implantology: through its technology we can capture images of each dental piece in detail, in this way for treatments of inlays, veneers, crowns, fixed prostheses on teeth and implants and removable prostheses.

In this way we can offer you the best esthetic and functional results with the most advanced technology.


What are the advantages of a 3D intraoral scanner?

In addition to the efficiency and the reduction of treatment time with the use of this technology:

  • The models obtained are highly accurate since possible defects can be corrected on the spot.
  • Plaster and alginate molds are not necessary, which is a great advantage since they are very uncomfortable for patients.
  • Its 3D technology allows to see the impression of the mouth easily for the professional and for the patient in this way we can understand and know at the moment the whole process of evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Better results are achieved and the success rate is much higher in all treatments.

In short, the intraoral scanner is a technological advance that facilitates the dentist’s work, improves the patient’s experience and offers optimum results.

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